Vision & Mission

We want you to think of us always; whenever you need a good fix of ‘healthy’, Think Wholesome Harvest. We want to be the best partner for you; our aim to enrich your business with high quality natural and organic products at competitive prices.

Story so far…

WHPL was established in August 2003. That means that we have been wholesaling and distributing natural and organic beverages, confectionaries, food, snacks and health supplements for the last 10 years. 10 YEARS! We began small, serving the local independent organic stores from a shared premise in E-Center at Bukit Merah, but today, our customer base has expanded to include F&B outlets, hospitals, hotels and supermarkets. Now that’s a mouthful. Plus, you can now also find us overseas, since we have expanded to markets in Malaysia and Indonesia.

But how did this all happen?

Not to be a braggart, but naturally, with our competitive pricing, customercentric operations and resourcefulness, the business expanded and we now have a strong following of loyal customers. We hope that you (yes, you, reading this), will partner with us, and allow us to be part of your enterprise. Of course, excellence remains the foundation of whatever we do. Besides the splendiferous products we have to offer you, WHPL is focused and committed to you, our customers, and we look forward to enriching your business by providing our very best. Above all, we value our long-term customer relations, and we want you to enjoy partnering with us.