1. Who are you?

Wholesome Harvest Pte Ltd was established in August 2013. We are a Singapore company, wholesaling and distributing natural and organic beverages, confectionaries, food, snacks and health supplements.

  1. What do you do best?

Sourcing quality products; providing them to our customers at competitive prices; taking a customer-centric approach and making excellence our foundation in what we do.

  1. What is your business philosophy?

We want to be the best partner to you; to enrich your business with high quality natural and organic products at competitive prices.

  1. Who are your customers?

We began small, serving the local independent organic stores. Today, our customer base has expanded to include F&B outlets, hospitals, hotels, office pantries, supermarkets and online communities.

  1. Do you deliver overseas?

We are delivering our products regularly to Malaysia and Indonesia.

We are ready to explore with you for delivery beyond these usual countries.

  1. Can we buy direct from this site?

While we do not do any e-commerce on this site, you can still place your order by following the steps:

  1. download order form
  2. complete the order form (excel format)
  3. upload the order form


  1. What is the delivery time period?

We deliver within 48 hours of order if made during working hours, Mondays to Fridays.

  1. Do you provide free delivery?

We offer free delivery within Singapore for order amount S$500 and above.

  1. Interested to partner with you to bring quality products to our customers?

Contact us to explore how we can partner together.