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May 28, 2021


Personally I try to cook just enough for the day. Many times we can’t avoid leftovers especially when we have celebration meals or guests. We can turn leftovers or scraps into appetizing delicious food simply by being creative. My suggestion to all is not to keep your leftovers for more than 3 days in the refrigerator or 10 days in the freezer. Best is to use it the next meal or the next day. Any leftover roasted meat like chicken, beef or duck is very easy to turn into a delicious dish. 

Here I have chosen leftover duck specifically from Peking duck or roasted duck. Any leftover meat bones can make into a flavorful broth and you can use it for soup noodles or spicy sourish soup or umami miso soup. Whereas for the roasted meat, it is best to eat it cool without reheating it because you want tender leftover meat. Best is to wear gloves when deboning the roasted duck and cut it to smaller bite sizes. Vinaigrette will enhance cooked meat and help digestion. 

By managing food sustainably and reducing waste, we can help provide a bridge in our communities for those who do not have enough to eat, and conserve resources for future generations. 
Leftover roasted duck bones (head, feet, wings and carcass)
2-3 slices ginger
1 medium onion (chunked) 
50 gm lotus root (skinned and sliced thinly)
10 gm Clearspring Japanese Wakame Sea Vegetable (rinsed and soaked)
1 block Tofu 
1 stalk leek (only white part)
Clearspring Organic Japanese Barley Miso to season the soup
1. Boil the duck bones with ginger and onion for at least an hour to two. Skimmed the fat and strained the bones. The broth is ready to use and can keep in freezer for up to a week.
2. Boil the lotus root and learspring Japanese Wakame Sea Vegetable with the broth for about 15 minutes and add the leeks and tofu to it. Simmer for another minute or 2.
3. Turn off the fire and add the Clearspring Organic Japanese Barley Miso in to season until the level of saltiness you prefer. 
Note: Try not to boil miso because it will make the soup sourish. 

Roasted Duck Kimchi Onigiri _ Futo-maki

2 cup short grain rice
2 1/4 cup water
2 Tbsp sushi vinegar
1 Tbsp Clearspring Organic Toasted Sesame Oil
1 Tbsp dried sea lettuce (seaweed flakes)
2 Clearspring Japanese Nori - Dried Sea Vegetable (Untoasted)
Leftover roasted duck meat (diced)
Takuan (Japanese yellow pickled radish) 
4 Perilla leaves (Optional) 
1. Su-meshi (sushi rice)
2. Rinse the rice twice and cook it in rice cooker.
3. When the rice is ready, add 4Tbsp of sushi vinegar and fluff the rice with a wet spatula (do not mash). Fan the rice to cool it quickly. This process makes the su-meshi glossy. Ready to use:
1. Then add the mixture of Clearspring Organic Toasted Sesame Oil and sea lettuce. (If making Onigiri) 
2. Using an onigiri mould, scope some (about 1 big Tbsp) rice mixture and pressed it, then put 1 tsp kimchi and diced roasted duck in as filling, then scope more rice mixture to fill up the mould. 
3. Serve the Onigiri with the Perilla leaves. 

Nori-Rolled Sushi
1. To make Nori rolled sushi (Futo-maki or Hoso-maki), use plain sushi rice(su-meshi).
2. Place a Clearspring Japanese Nori sheet at the front edge of the makisu (bamboo stick mat). Spread the su-meshi on the Nori. Leave a margin at the side nearest to you, and longer margin at the side furthest from you.
3. Make a shallow depression horizontally across the center of the rice. Fill this with a row of kimchi, then add diced roasted duck and takuan.
4. Lift the makisu with your thumbs while pressing the fillings with your fingers and roll up gently. 
5. When completed, gently roll the makisu on the chopping board to firm it up. Unwrap and set the futo-maki aside. Repeat the process to make another roll. Cut each futo-maki roll into 6-8 pieces (not more) to serve.
Note: You can substitute with any leftover roasted meat like chicken or beef. 

Sea Vegetables with  Roasted Duck Salad

Sesame Vinaigrette Salad Dressing
1 Tbsp Clearspring organic toasted sesame oil 
1 Tbsp Soya Sauce
11/2 Tbsp White Wine vinegar/ Rice vinegar
1 Tbsp Maple syrup (can be substitute with raw sugar but personally I don’t use refined sugar) 
1/4 Tsp Salt
1 Tsp Ginger juice (freshly grated)
Put all the ingredients in a bottle and shake it well. You can do this ahead of time and keep up to a week. Ready to use for tossing with the salad. 
Leftover roasted duck meat (cut into small bite sizes)
200gm Ice Plants (washed and spin with salad spinner)
10gm Clearspring Japanese Wakame Sea Vegetable (rinsed and soaked) 
1/2 bottle broad beans (rinsed and drained)
Sesame seeds 
Dried cranberries 
Nuts (Optional)

1. Rinse and soak the Clearspring Japanese Wakame Sea Vegetable for 10 minutes. Squeeze out all the water and marinate sea vegetables with 1/2 amount of the salad dressing.
2. Toss the cold refrigerated duck meat, ice plants and broad beans with the rest of the dressing.
3. Garnish with cranberries, sesame seeds, nuts and ready to serve. 
Note: You can use any leftover roasted chicken or beef for this recipe too. You don’t have to worry about overcooked meat and you also can’t tell that it’s leftover food. 


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